After all, it's just a ride….

BFI Gothic Season – The Mausoleum

As I grapple with breathing life into my latest infernal creation – it just needs a little stitching around the decaying limbs and the infusion of an incendiary electricity – please permit me to signpost you wretched souls to the BFI’s repository of all things macabre, the awesome Gothic  season website which lists all the events, screenings and video material of things best left undisturbed around the UK – its not just a London thing. Here’s the more recent season trailer for the second phase of frights;

I also have a curious urge to go and see the reissue of Gone With The Wind  in all its 4K, four-hour restoration majesty over the Christmas season, mostly due to my finally finishing this fantastic overview of the studio system which really deserves its own report, one of the all time studio era classics could finish the year off in epic style. Before that we have a cabal of more Gothic chillers next month, but this weekend I think I will finally track down that elusive Cannes controversy….


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