After all, it's just a ride….

Milius (2013)

Just  a quick post as I have other priorities but I finally tracked this down, and whilst I’m instinctively opposed to his politics he’s an overlooked guy of the second golden Hollywood era, and if he hadn’t stormed the  Ivory towers of the studios as their seventy year grip disintegrated into ashes the American cinema landscape could have been very different. The gangs all here, reminiscing on how they followed through the portal that he opened to begin their own careers whilst offering their fascinating cinephile anecdotes – Scorsese, Spielberg, Coppola, Lucas, Murch, Dreyfuss, Mann, Schrader, an almost animated Harrison Ford etc etc. – so obviously it’s essential Menagerie;

Did you know that Milius, along with Malick, wrote a certain urban drama which enshrined this little ditty?;

I haven’t seen that for a long time, I kinda like how Clint is less perturbed by the carnage than he is about the sacrilegious blood on his clothes. Red Dawn has entered the 1980’s lexicon but it’s actually a pretty bad movie even if you push the reactive jingoism aside, but still a fun to watch if you’re in a retro-fun mood;

Be sure to send the remake to a remote Siberian gulag, at least the original was howlingly entertaining – Wolverines!! Let’s keep this short so you can enjoy the documentary on your own terms – just like the man would prefer – and I know I should finish with the scene that will be etched on his tombstone but early on Steven finally puts some rumors to rest – yes John barked a ten page  speech over the phone almost by instinct, but Robert Shaw cut it down to five pages and made movie history;


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