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Sight & Sound Films Of 2013 Preview

Premature, or quite cannily throwing their proverbial hats into the ring before the annual maelstrom of ‘Best Of Year’ lists begin in earnest? Well to be fair I think S&S always promote their December issue in this way aligned with the French contingent, in any case it’s a fascinating little synopsis with some terrific commentary – the full print issue should arrive through my letterbox tomorrow. I saw The Act Of Killing last night and am still processing that uniquely disturbing piece of work, here’s the trailer;

As you may gather it’s not just the horrific unrepentance of the murderers which is incomprehensible, it’s the melding of the historical horror and the reconstructions by the perpetrators which is just….well. Herzog and Errol Morris have heralded it as a masterpiece, and the final scene emits a mystery that may never be solved. Nevertheless my list has remained concrete for a good few weeks now, just today I’ve  finalised my list for submission to the similarly titled Sound On Sight, and yes there are a few alignments between competing strands although our Canadian cousins won’t publish for another fortnight or so. I particularly loved S&S editor Nick James assertion that Zero Dark Thirty ‘made the pathetic charade of Homeland impossible to watch’ and its immensely pleasing to see Upstream Colour getting the accolades it fragmentary deserves. I may try to reel-in Leviathan this weekend although I’ve already got a Gothic double bill scheduled for Sunday, I’ve been hearing great things about that fishing ‘documentary’ since it cruised the festival circuit back in 2012. Check this out;


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