After all, it's just a ride….

Midnight, The Stars & You…..

A couple of weeks ago I partied with and hosted some of my best friends here in Limehouse, and they presented me with a belated birthday present which was quite the Kubrickophile xerox  relic – Awesome. Time moves on, the seasons slumber so a couple of days ago I conducted a little light admin of the flat and finally corrected myself by hanging this little heirloom up as befits such an affectionate gift. After arriving home following an atypical gruelling day at the typewriter I entered my flat to witness my TV ablaze, and I know for a fact that I was the only person to enter my domicile during that period. Weird. The morning after I awake and find my fucking front door unlocked, closed to the frame but still appealing to howling outside elements. I think tonight I may scurry away to a hotel;

Looks like I’ve found my honeymoon destination, just so I can finish my work. OK, there has been some Shining material floating around recently which I thought I should share, but I’m 100% serious on that weird fucking TV / front door oddness. If you’re fucking with me then bring it on Mr. Grady……

After all this Room 237  nonsense I reckon someone should get properly dedicated and identify the original source of that photo sans Jack – I’m sure it’s in the Elephant & Castle archives –  and then perform some genealogical analysis on whom was actually in the original print, who they were and the situation of their descendants – now that could be an interesting hook for a documentary. What’s inspired this post? Well, its been a while since we’ve taken a stroll around recent Stanley discussions, and the recent crop is foisted by illiterate nutters as per usual, but it also just happens that 2014 sees a certain film achieve its 50 year anniversary and one has tickets to a special screening at the BFI – lovely. This is always worth a revisit;


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