After all, it's just a ride….

Jupiter vs. Godzilla?

…’whoever wins, we lose?’ Wasn’t that one of the tag-lines for one of those horrendous AvP movies? Anyway, as promised trailers are getting epic this week, first up the Wackowski’s take another stab at ambitious SF with Jupiter Ascending;

Well, Warner Brothers still have faith in them after the twin flops of Speed Racer and Cloud Atlas, but I guess the chance for the marketing boffins to intone ‘From the visionaries who brought you the Matrix trilogy’ was too good to miss.  I don’t wish to prejudge the picture before the probes are back, but this looks like typical Wackowski – visually stylish but maybe a little too juvenile for my tastes. Now finally, we can release the shock troops;

Stealing the soundtrack from possibly my favourite cinema sequence ever evolved is not the best start in the world, and I think this veers into the slightly too serious for its own good territory, but as previously mentioned I have a fetish for jaw-dropping scenes of wanton destruction and unimaginable suffering, so I smirked when I first saw the leaked copy of this a couple of months ago. Now that it’s got its first proper roar this is certainly something to look forward too, and we’ll see if the dude who made the terrifically impressive Monsters can wield a mammoth budget…..


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