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RIP Sir Run Run Shaw (1907 – 2014)

‘The light that burns twice as bright, burns half as long’, except quite clearly not in this case as the Hong Kong entertainment mogul Sir Run Run Shaw passed away yesterday at the venerable age of 106. I’m no expert of martial arts movies, I have fond memories of some early Jackie Chan and associated merciless melees populating the shelves of my local VHS emporium (there is a nice little collection here) but course I couldn’t let this dudes passing go unremarked as he sponsored a certain special 1982 SF project;

Here’s a comprehensive list which is an amusing perusal, if only for some of the movie titles. It’s kind of fitting isn’t it, that a Warner Brothers distributed and independently financed movie should have some Oriental DNA, given Blade Runner’s sociological Asian influences? Other films to admire include The Right StuffOutland  and of course Police Academy….


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