After all, it's just a ride….

The Wolf of Wall Street (2014) Prologue

Yeah, OK, it’s fucking great, it is relentless and the thought that a 70-year-old made this movie makes me feel exhausted. Does it equal vintage Scorsese? That’s difficult to say, and a period of reflection and absorption is required to give that assertion justice, but for pure unadulterated energy and humor, with as always a fine subtly etched line of deeply absorbed pathos, this is his best film in decades;

Leo is at his charismatic career best, Hill is disgustingly fantastic, and in terms of excess this gives Scarface a run for its coke drenched money – man, that Quaaludes scene is just……well, lets just say it needs to be seen to be believed. Here’s the opening four minutes which sets the extremely NSFW tone;


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