After all, it's just a ride….

A Grindhouse Rain is gonna come….

OK, enough of the worthy and heartwarming pre-award accolades, given that the UK is being saturated with the worst weather since the 18th century it’s a  fine time to wallow in some NSFW filth;

SURGEON GENERALS WARNING – Ingredients may contain Sybil Danning, Biker Carnage, Ghetto-Petting, Sid Haig, Thai-Fu, Kevin McCarthy, Unapologetic Sexism, Henry Silva, Euro-Horse, Prison Cannabalism, Goblin Satanism, Dixie-Sleaze, Bronx Sadism, Tomisaburō Wakayama, Marijuana Terror, Pimp Bondage, Paul Bartel, Co-Ed Stalking, Pam Grier, Negro-Fear, Linda Blair, empowering Lesbian Avengers and Beach Party Trash Bangs. Oh, and McBain Walken…..


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