After all, it's just a ride….

Godzilla (2014) Trailer

Enough of this maudlin comedy nonsense, I’ve deliberately let the fallout settle for 24 hours before we get back to the movies, and the welcome awakening of a positively incandescent lizard;

Pretty exciting huh? I like the look of them going back to the 1950’s and pulling some earlier movie series history into this, probably best if they avoid any sightings of Matthew Broderick though. I also like the look of the cast with Japanese and French faces frozen among the dumb struck terror, which of course seems apt given the history of nuclear testing in the Pacific. After Monsters there is a lot of faith in the director Gareth Edwards who managed to not only master his limited SFX resources but also insert some potent metaphors in his debut, so let’s hope he’s up for the job in these turbulent years of floods, storms and increasingly distressed thermometers. However it turns out, I’ll bet it’s no Mechagodzilla though;

Eagle-eyed scouts scouring the trailer may have spotted evidence that this 2014 detonation of the beast may have more than one creature arising from the radioactive depths……


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