After all, it's just a ride….

Red Letter Psychosis…

For some reason I’m feeling kinda listless as we move into the weekend, I can’t even find the effort to construct my thoughts on this which has been cleaving its way through Internet discussion boards, as clearly Soderbergh has been indulging himself in his so-called retirement. As is my idiom I have perused the film listings and both Stranger By The Lake and Only Lovers Left Alive should be screaming for my attention, but for some lazy reason I simply can’t be bothered. We haven’t checked in with our Minnesota chums for a while, so here for your amusement is their opinion on a trio of classics which look exceptionally entertaining;

In other news, some of my film critic brethren were exposed to 20 minutes of the new Godzilla picture this morning and the reaction has been unanimous expectant awe – looking good. If you’re in the mood for something  a little more cerebral when it comes to the moving image then I think I’ve struck gold with this, forty documentaries collated together across film history which is quite a find – I’ve not seen that 3 hour Cassavetes documentary so that’s my weekend sorted…..


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