After all, it's just a ride….

Tony Benn RIP

It’s not often I interrupt the movie coverage here and move into the murky world of politics, but sometimes sad news requires a small moment of respect. When I was a Politics A level student we once went on a field trip to that their scary London, visited the House of Commons and sat in the public gallery for Question Time (yes I have seen the medusa that was Thatcher in the flesh and lived to tell the tale ), and then attended a political debate in the afternoon. As some Tory MP made some speech about Europe or something to the braying applause of the Eton gaggle that also attended the session  a quiet figure slipped into the room, sat quietly chugging on his pipe (which tells just how long ago this was, smoking in a public forum) and then got up, and without any notes or support materials made an impassioned, brilliant, off the cuff one hour speech on why the British Parliament should have a written constitution. I’ve never forgotten it, so RIP Tony, whilst we didn’t always agree on every policy he was certainly a brilliant dude who genuinely cared;


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