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Dr. Strangelove (1964) – 35mm Show Reel

Another month, another Kubrick rarity unearthed, it seems as if the 50th anniversary and the renewed interest in the film is paying radioactive dividends. This is quite a find for we complestests, as this showreel features alternative takes and glimpses of missing scenes from the final picture, with the added bonus of narration from the legendary man himself – here’s part one;

A rather stilted delivery from Stanley don’t you think? Must be a temp track to cut the images to whilst he sourced a professional to replace the audio.  I’m assuming that this is the type of extended peek that were (and indeed are) used to shop round for distributors at trade fairs and conferences, rather than designed for being seen by the general public. Anyway, here’s part two;

Or maybe it’s something he cut together for studio executives or th marketing department to give them inspiration for the publicity campaign? So many questions, so little time. I’ve also sourced perhaps the most illuminating and instructive essay on Eyes Wide Shut yet published, it’s a piece which comes closest to penetrating that enigmas numerous  & mysterious layers – enjoy….


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