After all, it's just a ride….

Indigo Together…..

OK it’s trailer time again, anything to distract me from writing my Transcendence review as that is going to be a painful experience – as most have remarked it was a fairly bad movie. First up here’s the first full trailer from the best comedy at Sundance London;

Now you’re probably expecting me to post the latest Asian markets trailer for Godzilla, right? Well fuck you buddy that ain’t gonna happen, I hear there is a lot of new footage but I’m pulling a spoiler drape over this one now, I don’t want to devour any more reveals or details until I’m in the cinema in a couple of weeks. Instead here is Michel Gondry’s new movie which has a preview and Q&A at the BFI on Friday, and why yes of course I have tickets;

Even better news that I’ve just discovered is that not only is Gondry attending but so is the miscevious Audrey Tautou, should be dreamy to see Amelie in the flesh. So while we wait for some exciting news on the day job front, looks like I’ve landed another assignment just outside London on a major regeneration scheme, but until we can officially celebrate the grindhouse renaissance continues;


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