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H.R. Giger RIP (1940-2014)

gigerIt’s always Tuesday isn’t it, the day of bad news? Well another behind the scenes movie icon has left us today, this one from the production design side of the business, as well of course as being a well-respected and established fine-artist in his own right. Interest in his work was resurrected a little with both the launching of Prometheus (the sequel of which was officially announced recently) and last years Jodorowsky’s Dune documentary, I think you’d have a strong claim for electing the Alien design as one of the top half-dozen movie monsters of all time, up there with other icons such as Frankenstein and the soon to be revisited Godzilla, so its with a solemn severity that we pay tribute to the Swiss nightmare sculptor H.R. Giger – a purveyor of pure nightmare fuel;

A lot of film fans cite the likes of Chris Fosse, Moebius and Ralph McQuarrie as the all time great SF designers, I always gravitated more to the likes of Syd Mead and Giger, as apparently you can’t eradicate those cyber Gothic instincts completely once they’ve begun their slow  adolescent  infection. It’s a shame he didn’t get more work although he did fall out somewhat with the movie industry over the usual squabbles about rights and licencing, some of his other designs were quite striking even if the quality of the films around them wasn’t always quite so…moistened fresh;

 Here’s a detailed old-school documentary on the man and his work on the cornerstone SF Horror quadrilogy, if you’ll forgive me I’ll return to the first-world privilege of signing up my new accountants and incorporating my new business, arranging my professional indemnity insurance for my imminent assignment and associated compliance functions – that my friends is pure 21st century horror;


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