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Twin Peaks – The Entire Mystery Announcement

If you thought Godzilla was the biggest thing to arrive this weekend then think again, as this news of the long awaited transfer of Twin Peaks to Blu-Ray and a stunning collection of extras has Lynch fans going all Log-Lady. I’ve got the 2007 Gold Box which has every episode and a few extras, but the promise of the inclusion of Fire Walk With Me (perhaps Lynch’s most underrated film) and a Black Lodge of extras from the film including at least 90 minutes of sacred unseen material  – well it’s enough to make a grown man cry. Here’s a reminder of what we’ve got to look forward to;

Delving further we are promised ‘an epilogue providing a fascinating glimpse beyond the cliff-hanger finale of the TV series.’ and Between Two Worlds, in which “Lynch himself interviews the Palmer family (Leland, Sarah and daughter Laura) about their current existence in this life and the next’ – damn fine coffee!!

Very, VERY excited about this, looks like it’s only available on pre-order for US region players, I was looking to celebrate my new assignment with a equipment upgrade so I guess going all-region Blu-Ray player shopping is in order.  In lieu of any new film announcements any Lynch is welcome round these parts, and just some cursory revision has led me to find this which is just fantastically cut together – don’t go having any nightmares about Bob now y’hear?;

35 Years of David Lynch (Film Tribute) from Michael Warren on Vimeo.


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