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Mintys Musical Malestrom 2014

I think a quick from all the movie nonsense may be in order, as would you believe I’ve managed to attend not one, not two but three gigs recently, not a bad haul since I shamefully didn’t attend one single solitary musical evening last year. I’ll keep it mercifully brief as I still have a back-log of movie reviews to attend to, but here is a brief overview of what has been massaging the menagerie appendages over the past few weeks – apologies in advance for the rather amateur quality of some of the AV but here we are;

The brutalist enclaves of the Barbican may seem like a strange choice for a third wave post techno earbleed act, but they recently hosted the Bleep Records 10th anniversary celebration with a central set from the rather rudely named Fuck Buttons. I was less enamoured with the support act Mount Kimbie who didn’t particularly get my blood pumping, but the main act’s thundering aural assault had me harkening back to the summer of love and college years. Quite amusingly then even provoked the enthusiastic crowd to break with stuffy protocol and tradition and actually take to the dancefloor by leaping out of their seats, quite a result for the studious atmosphere of the Barbican – rave on brothers…..

A couple of weeks later and we were at the Barbican again but this time for a rather more dour and movie related musical experience, as  Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead fame curated and performed an evening featuring his take on Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint, Henryk Górecki’s Symphony No. 3 and the score to Menagerie favourite There Will Be Blood with the BBC Royal Philharmonic – details here.

Regular readers won’t be surprised to see Trent and his accomplices back on the Menagerie bill, this is the third gig I’ve seen since I started the blog, once again over at the exceptional convenient location of the Greenwich o2. As usual the dudes detonated a fantastically gloomy yet electrically charged show, the power and energy of NIN’s industrial anger managing to fill the cavernous stadium space, all accompanied by their atmospheric stage and lighting design. I think I prefer them in the smaller venues for sheer concentrated and compacted noise, but as always they fucking rocked it…..


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