After all, it's just a ride….

Mid-Summer Menagerie Madness….

fwwrSometimes it’s nice to feel wanted, isn’t it? Having your current client frantically fighting to retain your services beyond July after you drop the bombshell that a South London authority have made me an offer I can’t refuse? That’s the enviable position I found myself in this month, I would quite happily remain at Bucks given that I’ve finally got the programme I was hired to establish built and secured a handsome £44 million from Whitehall to take the various projects forward, but the prospect of a twelve month contract with a reduced commute equals a period of relative financial security which has stolen my affections – plus some consultancy firms I’ve been commissioning for various work packages are also sniffing at my doorstep with the possibility of branching out internationally. It’s shame as I have enjoyed my time in Aylesbury with a solid crew and learnt a great deal, given that no-one else in the country has defrayed such funding and designed programmes through the LEP’s following  the Coalitions white paper this has been quite a notch on the CV, and I was looking forward to meeting the Head of Pinewood studios who sits on the local LEP board. All this I’m sure is absolutely fascinating for you general reader but fret note there is a method to my madness, as naturally I’ve celebrated my new found popularity by spunking a severe amount of money on the audio-visual entertainment level, so let’s take a look at what the menagerie will be indulging in over the coming weeks and months;

I’ve seen this before and enjoyed it thoroughly, I’ve been tempted to go back and econnaissance the LZ as I recently read the book adaption which I picked up cheap at a local charity shop – something light for my long, now previously defunct commute.

I was a big fan of the first season given Spacey’s slithering performance and the Machiavellian intricacies of Washington politics, I hear that the second series is a re-election of similarly vaunted quality.

I’ve been oscillating with when I’d finally take down True Detective which I’m fairly sure I’ll love – a dark Southern Gothic crime odyssey being hailed as the best eight-hour noir movie of the last ten years? – although I’ve been a little hesitant and waited for the £35 quid price to drop. Still, life’s too short so fuck it, plus I’m tired of avoiding spoilers for months now so I’m willing to punt out the cash for ‘the best TV series since The Wire‘. Well, we shall see, I think I’ll marathon the lot in a single, gorge bloated sitting…..

Whilst I’ve seen and loved The Walking Dead my viewing of the decomposing dread has been patchy, I missed episodes here and there when it aired on UK terrestrial TV, and with the fourth season imminent I thought a revisit may be in order – £30 for the first three seasons is another pretty good bargain in my book. Of the dead. I do expect to be requiring psychiatric help by the end after 35 hours of apocalyptic depression, or just a few months of staring of into the distance whilst quietly weeping may be in order…

We’ve been here before, and I doubt I’ll power through all the episodes for another few years yet (I mounted a re-watch a few years ago) but Fire Walk With Me in HD and the numerous extras are enough justification to drop £50 on this little box that’s wrapped in plastic, those 90 minutes of scenes could even be charitably construed as a new Lynch movie.

Cinema fanatics wept with the joy with the news of this, no less than eighteen of Herzog’s movies upgraded to HD for the first time, all collected with the requisite extras and documentaries by the exalted BFI. There’s a few early oddities in the list which I haven’t seen yet, but more importantly it will prompt me to go back through the great man’s catalogue and partially make amends for my poor attendance at the BFI season last year.

Oh, and yeah, I’ve invested in a PS4 to watch all this on – look, I was going to upgrade the Blu-Ray player and then I thought to myself hang-on….this also looks fucking epic so why the hell not? How else am I going to entertain myself until the LFF in October? I’m not kidding, but some of the effects and animation in those next generation games had my jaw on the floor in amazement – we’ve come a long way huh……


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