After all, it's just a ride….

54 degrees on a slightly overcast day…..

Just a quick post – As we finally launch into the Blu of the activities of that sleepy yet sulphurous small town I have to say that the box set is a thing of particular ergonomic beauty, I’m wistfully reminded of seeing the opening of this legendary series in it’s European cut version;

I’m massaging a few other series – murdering Season 3 of the The Walking Dead, impeaching season 2 of House Of Cards (didn’t see that early collusion, huh?) but can I restrain myself from accelerating through to the extra 90 minutes of Lynchian backstory, despite some fantastic behind the scenes recollections on when and how that material was shot from the original culprits?  Who can say?

Heh. Anyway, our great chronicler of genre material Kim Newman has delivered a full article treatise of the enhanced and extended material which I have studiously ignored in this months S&S, a skim read assures us that the particulates of the mystery continues. I will be back once that extra FWWM material has been consumed, until then this walk down memory lane reminds me of that crucial era, a more innocent time which may thrum with more innocent chords;


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