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Lauren Bacall RIP

Maybe I should consider changing the name of this blog to the Hollywood Reporters obituary section, they’re dropping like flash-bulb illuminated flies this year. Lauren Bacall is one of the remaining links to Golden Era Hollywood, the star of pictures made by the grizzled likes of Howard Hawks, Douglas Sirk and John Huston, the woman who stole Bogies world-weary heart and initiated a sizzling scandal during the shooting of The Big Sleep. Her extraordinary six decade career runs up to the present day with appearances in the likes of The Sopranos, Birth and Misery, but of course this is what the memorials are all leading on this classic scene from 1946 which marked her entry into the pantheon;

For those inclined to pay their respects I’d also recommend Douglas Sirk’s Written On The Wind, one of the great American screen melodramas, with a very sly cult of subversion of the ‘American Dream’ stitched into the picture;

But I guess if you really want to wallow in Hollywood classicism then you can’t go wrong with her co-starring with Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe in How To Marry A Millionaire, I hope someone is keeping a close eye on Olivia De Haviland and Kirk Douglas to prevent these things occurring in threes;


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