After all, it's just a ride….

To the 2014 stars and beyond…

bfi2914Not that we ever had any serious concerns after five years of dedication, but we’ve just got the official nod – press accreditation is renewed for the 58th BFI London Film Festival. If I’m honest I’m a little more excited about the prospect of long, local hours in the dark this year than I was last year, coming straight out of Toronto into another gruelling parade of screenings was not ideal, although I did manage a handful of pieces just to keep my hand in. The better news is that the screenings start on Monday which is fantastic timing, as this gives me a chance to get at least a weeks worth of material under my belt before potential day job activities disrupt the commitment. It really is quite odd that the LFF start courting us hacks a good fortnight before festivities commence, a preview period which I think is unique across the global festival industry;

Now, having seen A Most Wanted Man I guess I’d best clear any backlog before embarking on this mission, especially since the LFF is going to dovetail directly into the three fucking month BFI Science Fiction season – ouch. Still, in this immediate relative calm before the storm thus I thought it prudent to quickly collate the other new films for the imminent months which should take us out to shiver in Santa’s footsteps;

While the early reports from the likes of TiFF and other festivals haven’t exactly been laudatory this has been praised in certain quarters as a quietly acidic take on Tinseltown, and any new Cronenberg is clearly essential viewing at this point in his career. Here’s a nice interview, there’s a few laughs in there including a burger lunch with his mate David Lynch…..

This has quietly crept us hasn’t it? While I love a dark and brooding urban murder mystery as much as the next weirdo I do feel that Fincher is treading water a little career wise, can’t he get his Rendezvous With Rama or 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea projects off the ground? It just feels like he should be wrestling with something a little more……ambitious. Still, this looks a little eerie and he’s one of my favourites currently working so I’ll be there on opening weekend…

Just in time for Halloween of course, I can’t remember the last time when UK distributors actually managed to schedule a genuinely scary movie for the requisite period – spooky. I see Ghostbusters is also getting a 30th anniversary exorcism which I might try to catch. You know what’s not going to appear on this list? Snowpiercer that’s what which it seems has been completely denied a UK release. Fucking criminal I tell you…..

Apparently this Antonioni misunderstanding is up for reappraisal – it was mauled upon initial release – and it should be interesting to compare and contrast in this post-Occupy world. From the state of that trailer it could also do with a scrub, and I’m fairly sure the limited DVD’s doing the rounds are not exactly pristine, Criterion level transfers. Worth seeing just for the legendary final scene on the big screen I suspect…..

Essential critical reverence from perhaps my most exalted peer, this should be fun just to see the likes of Marty and Herzog reflect on the ‘foot-soldiers’ of cinema who have long endured the terror of the screening room trenches….

Finally of course what else? I think that’s a new trailer with some new glimpses of footage which may provoke spoilers, so you have been warned – we’re only seven weeks out now. Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to manoeuvre the mothership for this evening’s press screening of the newly forged 2001: A Space Odyssey digital print, truth be told I’m more excited at seeing the BFI’s screening rooms than I am catching the film itself, given that this would be my second screening of that masterpiece of the year. It’s a fucking hard life sometimes….


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