After all, it's just a ride….

Salomé & Wilde Salomé (2014) Trailer

After a week long illness which stubbornly refuses to dissipate I could do with some good news, so I’ve shocked myself by acquiring last minute tickets to one of the years most impressive movie related events – only Big Al ‘fucking‘ Pacino in conversation at the BFI. He’s in town promoting the filmed version of his take on the classic tale Salomé, alongside a ‘making-of’ documentary, quite frankly he could be talking about the metaphysical designs of S1m0ne for all I care, the chance to see such a legend is quite a coup for the year;

Some of the material states that Chastain will also be in attendance, some of it doesn’t so maybe her schedule has clashed – I guess we’ll find out on Sunday. Now, of all the films that Pacino has made I understand he point blankly refuses to ever speak about the William Friedkin directed Cruising for fairly obvious reasons, I doubt an investigative journalist of the calibre of Stephen Fry is going to violate that unspoken agreement…..


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