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BFI Sci-Fi Season – Days Of Fear & Wonder Prelude

orangeSo much to see, and not enough pathetic hours in the day, therein lies the problem oh my brothers. Why didn’t my agents advise that not only has Menagerie favourite James Ellroy got a new book out, but that he’s also popping over for a reading and a chat in November? (I now have tickets). We’re only a mere two days into London Film Festival revision (a patchy start, rescued by one of the films of the year which I apprehended today) and someone is clearly screwing with me, as the October programme for the long-awaited BFI Science Fiction season also warped in this morning – as expected it’s densely packed with pure, unfettered zarjaz. If you understand that reference then you’ll understand why I’m excited about seeing the world premiere of this, if my measly circuits can withstand the thrill power overload;

Ah Tharg, you merciless slave driving fascist you – I wonder if he’ll teleport in for the screening? It may amuse you to hear that there wasn’t enough slots in the booking form to complete everything I wanted to see, I’m not going to list them all here as we must preserve some sense of mystery, but here’s a brief flavour and just remember that this is only the first month of a three-month schedule;

Presented in its unmolested 35mm original by the looks of things, I’ve always wanted to revisit this on the big screen, a fine excuse to speculate on Mr. Lucas career had he not been diverted by some childish space opera. Now being a well educated citizen you’d think that having already covered core texts such as Dune, Brazil, The Terminator, Zardoz and others that I’d be well placed to get a quantum leap head start on this season wouldn’t you, but there is still so much to see;

I’m not even factoring in the numerous talks and genre discussion they’ve also got planned, I might try and squeeze some of those in if feasible. As long predicted they are getting Gary Lockwood and Kier Dullea over for a screening of 2001, I’ll be taking another draft of the old Moloko plus to sharpen me up for the evening and they’ve also got William Gibson over to host a talk on his favourite SF movies – Jesus fucking Christ on a bike land-speeder. It’s actually got to the point where a special screening of Primer with a Q&A with Shane Carruth has been expelled from my ticket application, as other priorities must take precedence. Roll on November when the season shifts to the ominous sounding theme of ‘Contact’, and we’ll see who they’ve roused from hyper-sleep for that Alien 35th anniversary screening…..until then I’ll be sticking with man’s best friend;


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