After all, it's just a ride….

London Film Festival 2014 – Prelude One

So here’s a quick round-up of the first weeks activities, I think I’m going to be a little more discerning for the next fortnight . An eclectic bunch as always, beginning with a French translation of Ovid’s Metamorphoses transplated to a modern day dress by irrepressible auteur Christophe Honoré;

Something a little more up my alley, or should that be down my caverns? Erm, well, ugly language aside this Spanish take on The Descent is another claustrophobic horror, not for the faint hearted;

This was quite vibrant and original, being in the original native language and a few surprises up its well muscled sleeve;

America seems to be shifting into a Stockholm syndrome phase of th war on terror with Camp X-Ray, which is somewhat sympathetic with the terrorists;

Well, if we needed proof that critics are a perverted sort then here’s the evidence, as Peter Strickland’s eagerly anticipated follow-up to Berberian Sound Studio was the first ‘sold-out’ press screening of the festival. Why perverted? Well the film concerns the S&M relationship between two lesbian lovers, framed in the manner of a 1970’s Jess Franco sexploitation flick – that plot summary got ’em out of the woodwork. Strangely there is no trailer yet, but here is some commentary from TiFF to whet your whistle, as it were. I liked it as with Berberian it was exquisitely observed with a some amusing sequences, but there ain’t much going on beneath the cinephile surface;

And finally what I can confidently predict as one of the best films of the year, a seething interplay on Scandinavian noir, American crime films and Chinese cultural artefacts;

It’s a bit like the Tour De France around here as I now have two rest days before returning to the fray, but with a new Cronenberg in theatres there is no rest for the wicked……


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