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London Film Festival 2014, Prelude 2

I just wanted to poke my nose in here whilst we have a quiet moment before Wednesday’s official launch, suffice to say I have some catching up to do after only managing one paltry LFF official screening this week. Hey, c’mon, one has to have some priorities, I did manage to bound through a handful of screeners, and even though I was looking forward to seeing this black & white Russian post renaissance SF epic I had an interview for a lucrative contract over in Kings Cross which had to take precedence;

Looks like Tarkovsky mated with Bela Tarr through the viewfinder of Terry Gilliam which is quite a combination, I’m hoping for a screener soon. I did manage to see Tokyo Tribes (from which I’m still recovering) and my review along with a half-dozen or so others should be dropping in the next day or two, I’ll keep you posted. It’s also jolly exciting to see the press conference schedule do the rounds which should factor into next weeks activities,  with quite a roster of international and local talent on display. So this looks like fun, you can’t beat a blast of South Korean neo-noir, right?;

I’ve also managed to factor in what I think we can term a ‘technical appraisal’ second viewing of Gone Girl over the weekend, having conducted a fair amount of reading around the film’s initial reaction we must now await the inevitable onslaught of ‘What does Gone Girl tell us about contemporary marriage? and ‘Why has Gone Girl been embraced by the Men’s Rights Movement?’ ill-informed opinion pieces. Second time around and further details of the precision engineered construction come to the fore, and I’ll just say this –  making a film with a horrible, horrific character of one particular gender does not equate to damning and compartmentalising that entire gender, and you can’t make movies with some tough ideas and controversial  events without total fucking idiot groups like Men’s Right Advocates adopting and co-opting them for their own political expedience. Pandering and self censoring yourself in order to placate such stupidity and ignorance  leads to the path of madness. Speaking of madness;

There’s a wet-nosed treat that I’m sniffed out through deeper research of the LFF schedule, looks barking mad and as the winner of the Un Certain Regard strain of Cannes I’ll be talking this out for a – Jesus Christ, enough with the canine metaphors already. I mean, throw me a bone here people. We also have a distinctly eerie looking Lovecraftian Italian mood-piece lumbering through the darkness toward us and a post civil war Spanish historical psychological horror to infect before the festival officially begins (Boy, I hope this is better than the Spanish found footage film I’ve already caught which was terrible), so as usual no rest for the wicked;


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