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BFI London Film Festival 2014 – Day One

What fresh madness is this? My alarm screeching me awake from some pleasant, engulfing dream, sent shrieking back into the pallid consciousness of a thoroughly miserable and overcast London morning. I swear, if I ever get my hands on whatever genius programmed these Press Screenings for 9:00am I’ll give them a damn good thrashing, of a verbal persuasion anyway. So somehow I managed to rise from my crypt and shouldered my way through rush-hour to get over to the Odeon Leicester Square, to kick-start the official beginning  of the London Film Festival with a preview of the Gala Opening Screening – The Imitation Game;

I’ll admit it, this trailer left me a little meh as I’m definitely not one of the ‘Cumberbitches’ as I heard a fellow critic remark, but I’ll concur that this film was a lot stronger than anticipated, heck it even got a light round of applause which is quite rare for us jaded and cynical wordhounds. It was quite the melancholy experience to wonder over to the Corinthia Hotel for the press conference after the screening, winding past Trafalgar Square and peeking down the main rivulet of Her Majesty’s Government, when considering that if it wasn’t for the breakthroughs of the abominably persecuted and discarded Turing then that might have been Himmler’s Square and swastikas might still be festooned down Whitehall.

I can see the numerous BAFTA nominations from here, you don’t have to be any breed of movie savant to predict that the film is going to hoover up all the prestige awards next February, and maybe give the Oscars a few runs for it’s money. So here’s the red carpet nonsense, if you are so inclined – more international flavoured material tomorrow;


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  1. I saw this one on Monday at the Mill Valley Film Festival. It was screened at the Rafael 1 in San Rafael, CA. The start time was a civilized 4:00 PM. I really liked the film, Like you stated, before this film I was not someone on the Cumberbatch Deity Train, but I think this is a sure candidate for Golden Globes, Oscars, and your BAFTAs.

    My review:

    October 10, 2014 at 2:39 AM

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