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BFI London Film Festival 2014 – Day Two

Two more movies for Day Two, taking us to a grand total of thirteen flicks so far. Thankfully the press screenings have been secured at the Odeon Covent Garden rather than the hideous Trocedero where they were last year, that really was London’s worst central cinema centre so the recent news that Picturehouse have acquired and are regenerating the site is terrific news. The press screenings give us a chance to test drive the various screens at Covent Garden for free which is cool (I wouldn’t pay to see a film in the cramped conditions of Screen One for example) where I saw the following;

I have a bit of a blind spot when it comes to Pasolini.  Like any fan of outre cinema I’ve seen Salo of course and his The Gospel According To Matthew is essential viewing, but philistine that I am I’ve not even seen Therom on the small screen. This bio-pic centres on the last days of the Marxist maestro before he was murdered by a rent-boy, although the film evades any suggestion that his murder was orchestrated by the Italian state due to his political agitating. It was fine, a good primer on the man and his work, with a solid central performance from Willem Dafoe who looks eerily like his part. It’s also my first Abel Ferrera film seen at the cinema. Which is nice.

Speaking of firsts, White God is my first Hungarian canine apocalypse uprising film. This is the kind of film festivals were invented for, an absolutely bonkers premise for a film which you’d never dream of seeing in general release, I thoroughly original idea which won the un Certain Regard prize at Canne this year. This is a satire of American films, complete with high-octane action chases, anthropomorphizisation of the animals, including a central mutt out for well deserved vengeance. It shouldn’t work but it does, howlingly funny with a bit of a Twilight Zone lecturing on how we treat animals which is something to chew on. Here’s some more red carpet nonsense for Jason Reitman’s new film which I had to miss due to day job priorities, it’s been slated across the board but I’ll still track it down when it gets a domestic release;


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