After all, it's just a ride….

BFI London Film Festival 2014 – Day Three

Day three arrives and like a champion cyclist I decide to take a rest day, partially because there wasn’t much on offer which tickled my bones, and some urgent attention was required on some Admin tasks. Still the festival seems to have sourced it’s first breakthrough film, as The Duke Of Burgundy has got the glitterati all a flummoxed on social media, and we finally have a clip to share;

Mark my words, this film will be heading up many domesticly sourced films of the year lists, my thoughts are here. Some sad news next, John Boorman, whose new film Queen & Country (a loose bio-pic to his earlier reminiscence Hope & Glory) is showing caused consternation when he announced that this was his last, and after a long career he’s finally hanging up his viewfinder.

Finally here is some footage of Mike Leigh’s latest Mr. Turner, which I also missed. I realise this makes me a bad film critic, and especially a bad British film critic, but I dunno I just find his films a little……worthy. Some of the cinematography looks amazing though……


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