After all, it's just a ride….

BFI London Film Festival 2014 – Day Five

Another hilariously early start for Day Five, but hey if Reese Witherspoon can walk unaided for 1,000 miles then I can brave another rain-swept rush-hour to support her in such an endearing endeavour;

This is Jean-Marc Vallée’s directorial follow-up to Dallas Buyers Club and while he does have a talent with focusing and examining a central characters flaws and foibles, of people being irrevocably changed by extreme extenuating circumstances the film is rather flat as it meanders through all the expected trials and tribulations that you’d expect – wildlife, exhaustion, unexpected succor and threats. Still, here’s the press conference;

Regrettably, deeply regrettably in fact I had to skip the anticipated screening of Leviathan as other non-movie priorities reared their ugly head. This is the biggest miss of the festival so far as I was really looking forward to a dense, international art house themed drama for some reason, the only consolidation being I’m sure it will get a limited release outside the festival in the new year.


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