After all, it's just a ride….

The Toast Of Croydon……

Now that’s what I call synchronisfuckingnation, as we stroll out of the London Film Festival on Sunday, into my third day job assignment of the year down in deepest South London – welcome. OK, OK, once you’ve stopped chuckling at my fortune with such salubrious surroundings I at least had perhaps the most entertaining induction today, two hours of calmly and carefully being advised of the specific protocols, projects and procedures, followed by three hours with the woman I’m replacing who insisted I forgot everything I’d just heard as our mutual colleague was (and I quote) ‘a fucking idiot’ – welcome to local government. The entire day reminded me of the US comedy series Parks & Recreation which I gave a second chance after a lacklustre BBC4 outing a few years ago, and I’m glad I did as the slow burn of the characters and local government milieu are finally paying dividends. I’ve still not seen a filibuster of this quality but believe me, those evening cabinet boards battles can get pretty darn racy;

So I just wanted to wade into a recent controversy of Paul Schrader’s latest debacle, as once again it seems the final film has been taken from him and edited into a completely different picture, leading to the rather unusual occurrence of star Nic Cage, director and executive producer Winding-Refn distancing themselves from the final product and shrieking of artistic interference. Here’s the trailer, what do you think?

Yeah, didn’t exactly quite get my blood pumping and I love Paul Schrader, although after the diminish returns of his recent movies there has been some dark mutterings in certain corners of the interest that there is ‘no smoke without fire’ and maybe his cuts really were very bad and required such unprecedented interference – we should see in a few months. I’ll be damned if I can find that clip from Iron Man III about ‘the toast of Croydon’ but here we are……and yes this made me giggle.


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