After all, it's just a ride….

A Keanu Odyssey….

Always gets a little slow around here, when we’re in the initial furious pangs of a technically detailed new assignment. Nevertheless the movie world cares not a jot for Minty’s inhibited abilities, as a small clutch of recent trailers have materialised this week which deserve our undivided attention. Firstly, the bleeding obvious;

This film is going to make an outrageous, civilisation shattering epoch of money. Looks like fun and curiously a natural clean visual connection to the original film (Same DP as Guardians Of The Galaxy eh? Hmmm), Ultron was one of favourite villains when I was a mere transistor so I’m looking forward to seeing the indestructible one finally rendered on-screen. It also kinda amuses me that there was lots of eye rolling and mutterings of ‘who cares?’ when DC unveiled their cinematic universe recently, then this drops and everyone loses their marvellous fucking marbles. Now then, I always love a ‘sleeper’, a film which wasn’t necessarily on many people’s radar which somehow obliterates its modest expectations, and can even catapult a waning star back into the firmament;

The reports I’ve been hearing on this are extraordinary, absolutely outrageous schlock which would make Shane Black blush, and other ‘this is like action film x on methamphetamines’ asides. Normally I would be off to see this highly regarded little monster this weekend but I’m entertaining guests, I’ll give it a lurk next weekend which is actually Halloween isn’t it? Seems apt. Finally something a little more classy, as I know the publicist whom is leading the campaign for this re-release I thought it best to honor her wishes and let you gaze beyond the infinite in 21st century digital delight;


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