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Mike Nichols (1931 – 2014) RIP

Ah, now that’s a shame. Only a few weeks ago I had a strange urge to revisit Wolf, Mike Nichols rather odd take on the werewolf myth transplanted to 1990’s corporate culture, just to see what he did with ole Jack from a directing perspective. I can’t say he was ever one of my favorite directors but he has made some immemorial films, known for his ability to coax great performances, and I like the fact that as someone pointed out he made a zeitgeist movie which captured its time in every one of his four decades of film-making. Personally I will never forget this film which I’m sure is pretty schmaltzy by todays standards, but man…that fucking ending;

Just a roll call of the actors he attracted to his projects – Streep, Nicholson, Hoffman, Pacino,  – says it all really. Of course the obituaries are leading with The Graduate and deservedly so, it is a perfect movie and within one of my all time favorites in the top fifty every made mark. I saw it in my early teens and the soundtrack and alienated, disaffected film had quite an effect, learn more here;


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