After all, it's just a ride….

Terminator Genisys (2015) Trailer

Crumbs, if you thought that the last Terminator movie was bad (I feel asleep during it) then crowning the next installment in the increasingly fatigued series ‘Genisys’ doesn’t exactly inspire confidence does it? What, have a couple of adolescent textspking cretins penned Ahnoldt’s return to the adamantium ubermenschen franchise? Umm, well….;

Well, I guess it looks and feels more like a Terminator film that the more recent outings, but it still seems a little lackluster doesn’t it? Maybe I’m just jealous that they’ve purloined an idea I (and I’m sure thousands of other nerds had years ago) to infiltrate the first film with a new one which could be fun given todays CGI abilities. I’m a little tired of the shoehorned franchise buzzwords though but yeah, I’ll still be reporting for duty on opening weekend like a pre-programmed sucker I suppose….


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