After all, it's just a ride….

Dystopian Dreams

Just to keep the SF momentum orbting until my next screening here is a wonderful little montage which made me a little concerned. So gentle readers we now live in the 21st century, the state and corporations spy upon our most private moments 24/7 and manipulate our every move, and an acquiescent media vomits out brainwashing propaganda as a bread and circus distraction that would make the ancient oligarchs of Rome proud. But where’s the tradeoff? I mean nothing looks anywhere as cool or awesome as any of these future, consciousnes obliterating nightmares. Conclusion – the 21st century sucks. Recommendation – Get into the spirit of things and drown yourself in soma / soylent green / Johnnie Walker Red Label as applicable.

Dystopian Utopias (Movie Montage) from ClaraDarko on Vimeo. PS – I may be drunk. Now where’s my fucking hoverboard……


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