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Takao Saito RIP (1929 – 2015)

Who is Takao Saito you may ask? Well, only the cinematographer on some of Japan’s most iconic contributions to world cinema of course? Well, OK, I may have seen the majority of the samurai sensei’s films – I’m talking about Kurosawa of course – but I must admit to being largely oblivious to his collaborators beyond Mifune. I’ve meaning to get round to reading this for years, now of course as an act of diligent respect I must honor the clan;

Kurosawa of course pretty much invented the modern action film, so we can thank him and his visionary photographer for subsequent genius like this;

In other news the BAFTA’s were announced this morning to a maelstrom of controversy, begging an urgent question – just who has Mike Leigh fucked off to get so completely shafted for the critically adored, Cannes winning Mr. Turner? If I was a betting man I’d have laid odds on it taking down every major category, but it hasn’t even been nominated for film, screenplay or actor, although it has managed to muscle in on a few of the second tier awards. Truly bizarre, but maybe he is turning into something of an embittered grouch if you consider this and this…..


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