After all, it's just a ride….

Lost River (2015) Trailer

Waterboarded at Cannes last year and drowned at birth by Warner Brothers in terms of any sort of theatrical release, here is the slightly bewildering trailer for Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut;

Well surely that’s worth seeing? Right?  If only just to try and untangle all those rather strange ideas and hinted plot threads, looks to me like David Lynch and Night Of The Hunter spent a New Orleans night on the tequila and mescaline with Harmony Korine. In other news I’ve been keeping a curious eye on Sundance which just wrapped up in the States of course, although I’m quite sad that it isn’t coming back to London this year (and what’s all that about eh? Poor ticket sales? Not enough European distribution drummed up for entries?) it sounds like a few treats are in store, with The Witch starring Finchy no less making some serious waves. Alas as usual there are very few trailers around from any of the winners, so there’s this related to the Gosling instead;

Drive (2011) – The Quadrant System from Tony Zhou on Vimeo.

Finally the inevitable and predictable ‘if you didn’t like Inherent Vice then you didn’t understand Inherent Vice‘ patronization has clearly begun, I fully support the notion that yes, sometimes a film can only yield its real intent and qualities on a second or third viewing, but sneering at your intellectual equals for disagreeing with you on a matter of clearly expressed and reasonable opinion is really quite pathetic…..


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