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Don’t bring a Steinbeck to a knife fight…..

Another list to get some flame-wars and furious on-line debates raging, the greatest 75 edited movies of all time, as dictated by the American Guild of cutters. That’s the main problem I think, this is very western centric, with by my reckoning a mere 11% of non US fare in the pantheon.

I have no other issues with this list apart from 36 which is a bizarre choice. George Tomasini as the editor of Rope had very little input and exercise within the creative process behind what Hitchcock had already conceived in pre-production around the one magazine takes, so I assume this would simply be a technical exercise of merely splicing the material together, rather than presenting alternate cuts and approaches to individual scenes which is the heart of editing.

I’d fight a case for Inception  being here but I can’t defend The Fugitive, Titanic or Black Hawk Down what the fuck is that all about? They’re not badly edited films and perfectly professional arranged, but I don’t see how they excel from the standard pack-mule of studio fare. Anyway, enough of my armchair ignorance, well done Marty with another worthy win for Raging Bull, as I’ve said its a film I hugely admire craft-wise as much as it doesn’t particularly grasp me emotionally.


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