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Blade Runner (2007) Final Cut: Re-Release

After the re-release of 2001: A Space Odyssey last year and a re-release of Blade Runner this year I have to wonder – have the BFI been intercepting my calls? Two of my all time favourite films given another airing in subsequent years? All we need now is a John Carpenter season, now that would be….something. Here’s the new trailer, having seen the film three times at the flicks I doubt I’ll bother with another sojourn to LA circa 2019;

Oh fuck it, who am I kidding, of course I’ll go and see it again – I just can’t help myself. It might be fun to give it another pass and throw some thoughts together for 2015, in the light of the sequel announcement and the imminent calendar catching up with the meta-narrative – just four years and eight months to go. You know what though, what would really get me excited is a screening of the original 1982 domestic or European cut, as I’ve never seen either version on the big screen, voiceover n’all – that would be completest paradise. Here’s a reasonably written overview, for the best fun skip to the comments for some quite hilarious trolling……


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