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Point Break (2015) Trailer

Another week, another unnecessary remake for us all to wail and gnash our teeth about. I wasn’t aware whom was cast in this resurfacing of the 1990 Keanu starring classic, so now we know;

Well, actually I don’t know as I don’t recognize the lead from anything, and Ray Winstone is usually a sign of a grimace inducing performance so forgive me if I ain’t waiting to ride this wave. Slightly coincidentally this was doing the rounds over the weekend, I’ve heard he was staggeringly generous with his Matrix windfall but that is something else huh? As for the trailer a distinct lack of Busey does not bode well, and of course any action film for the foreseeable future must battle with the War-Rig in the room;


One response

  1. Dawksey

    Apparently the lead is from the popular Australian daytime soap ‘Home & Away’.
    Did notice a cameo by James (Roach) Le Gros.

    May 28, 2015 at 9:38 AM

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