After all, it's just a ride….

Kubrick’s Rarest…..

Bit of a specialist place holder today my learned friends. I’m guessing that all you Kubrickophiles have seen Day Of The Fight and The Seafearers by now, and that you’re the proud owner of his first, deleted feature Fear & Desire which of course finally got a Blu-Ray release. Well, that leaves the holy grail being the one-off TV programme he was involved in 1952 doesn’t it? And someone, somehow, somewhere, has sourced a tantalizing glance;

He was only on second unit so doesn’t count among the traditional oeuvre, but as some obsessive colleagues have observed this is pretty much the final footage we will ever see, unless any of those outtakes or alternate reels that Leon Vitali destroyed in the early noughties somehow evaded his instructions. Kinda related but this is doing the rounds despite initially doing the rounds a few weeks ago if that makes sense. The cycle of the internets is weird sometimes….


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