After all, it's just a ride….

The Martian (2015) Trailer

Heh, I wonder how many on-line denizens are going to make some ‘hilarious’ mash-up’s of this and a certain recent high-profile SF film, and inadvertently ’cause a ruckus with the spoiler brigade?

Ridley Scott really hasn’t made anything above mediocre or distinctly average level status for decades has he? Christ, the last film of his I actively enjoyed was 2003’s Matchstick Men but then I’m a sucker for con-artist flicks. I re-watched Prometheus (so help me god) a couple of weeks ago and it remains, to coin a scholarly term ‘fucking rubbish’, so I shouldn’t be getting my hopes up for this, even with Drew Daredevil, Alias, Buffy, Angel & Cabin In The Woods Goddard at mission scribe control….

Well, after being a little dismissive I have to say that ‘proper’ trailer has perked my interest, Gravity meets All Is Lost by the looks of things, although they didn’t have to give us all the bloody story beats through to the third act climax in three bloody minutes. It also looked pretty, whatever his failings Ridders always knows how to shoot an atmosphere (if you’ll excuse the unintended pun), so for pure visual ‘spectacular’ I guess I’m in…….


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