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Sight & Sound Summer

Bit of a messy pot-pourri today, culled mostly from my commute reading of this months Sight & Sound. It seems that I’ve missed a mind-expanding trick with the new Jodorowski which got a glowing Blu-Ray review, I don’t think this ever got any sort of domestic theatrical release which is a sign of the multiplex times;

In other new release news the great Kim Newman gave this a reasonable pass on the horror hectic front, yes its another zombie apocalypse premise – how interesting – but apparently it does have a fun antipodean spin to its putrid proceedings;

Some sad news is the unexpected demise of The Dissolve, depressing proof it needed that intelligent and insightful movie debate and analysis simply can’t survive in the contemporary stifling internet atmosphere of buzzfeed ‘best-of’ lists, of breathless exultations of ‘STOP THE PRESS – EXCLUSIVE’ regarding the most pointless and uncontextual movie-set photos, of obsessive frame by frame trailer dissections, of long rambling diatribes on the importance of which actress was cast as the new Aunt May in yet another fucking reboot of a fucking comic book fucking movie fucking franchise. I like my good blockbusters just as I like all other strains of cinema as long as they are ‘good’, but when some of the best writers around find themselves suffocated out of existence then there is something very, very wrong.

Just to close this rather scattergun thoughtblurt – I’m writing this on my commute in a sun addled train hurtling uncertainly through the Essex countryside – one little quote from the DVD review section of Sight & Sound concerning Peter Greenaway’s Drowning By Numbers is absolutely delicious – ‘Greenaway often looks too singular to produce a genuine inheritor but here Wes Anderson could be his kind hearted nephew’ – that is a brilliant insight and little gems like that make my entire yearly subscription worthwhile, that’s the kind of movie insight and analysis which needs to be preserved….


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