After all, it's just a ride….

The spice must flow…..

There are rumors of a nine hour directors cut y’know?  Dune was a spectacular critical and commercial bomb when it was released back in 1984, but like most of these grand follies if has built up a loyal fan-base over the intervening years. One of those devout Fremen is editor Michael Warren who has assembled an epic three hour cut of the film by melding the theatrical cut, extended TV cut, and deleted scenes together, in one big, hulking spice sodden saga.  I still think the film is fundamentally flawed but the production design and some of the sequences are terrific, you can make your own mind up here;

Speaking of SF I see now that summer season is officially demised the industry attention is already ramping up for Decembers big release – look, two new seconds of footage!! Alert the authorities!! I’m looking forward to it of course but I suspect that by November I’ll be sick to death of fevered Jedi speculation….


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