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Wes Craven RIP (1939 – 2015)

Some sad news to wake up today, as the horror movie family has lost another beloved uncle. Kim Newman has adroitly commented that Wes Craven re-invented the genre two, arguably three times with The Last House On The Left, the original Nightmare On Elm Street and the postmodern slasher Scream, where some filmmakers would be lucky enough to produce just one well regarded film. This sequence quickly become rather iconic, even spawning an entire series of pastiche films;

I wonder how this news is being assimilated over at Frightfest which is running this weekend? Like those demented souls Wes had pretty good taste when it comes to the macabre. Often these directors started off in exploitation and Craven was no exception, I don’t particularly care for the film which is kinda sleazy and scuzzy, but this is quite a trailer;

I don’t much care for the Kruger films nor there assimilation of a paedophile murderer as some sort of counter culture hero – a strange moment in popular culture that – but I think you have to acknowledge the impact that the original film had on the genre, as one of they key horror films of the 1980’s. Finally, as is my wont here is probably his most underrated film with probably his most horrifying sequences, The Serpent & The Rainbow really managed to get that musty, sweltering caribbean voodoo atmosphere in a pungent way, if memory serves;


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