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Flotsam & Jetsam Revisited

Miami ViceSo farewell Colchester, I hardly knew ye. After five months it’s time to move on to pastures anew, as I have been approached for and accepted a new mission down in deepest, darkest Surrey. Unfortunately this has obliterated some of my screening ambitions for the LFF as my new contract starts on the same day as the press screenings, but there are some other possibilities I am pursuing and there are always the weekend screenings in October. As something of a risk mitigation strategy I have acquired £100 worth of tickets to public screenings to reduce the possibilities of an even mix of material, which means that The Witch, High-Rise, Hitchcock/Truffaut, a few other screenings and the Todd Haynes Q&A are all in the bag, so it’s only Carol, The Assassin and Son Of Saul I really have to see. Oh, and The Lobster. And The Green Room. And The Club  – Jesus Christ in a sidecar this is never easy is it? So having acquired a pop-pourri of material over the last fortnight I thought I’d throw together a gold old fashioned flotsam & jetsam post, so crane your neck to this;

I think what I really admire is the editing job on this, the wealth of material they had to wade through to go from 1° to 90° is quite an archaeological effort, and a fine selection of soundtrack from Mr. Glass;

Recently there has been something of a small movement among film critics of the modern ilk with regard to venerating a so-called vulgar cinematic aesthetic. You can read through the links at your leisure but the gist is some hopelessly numb effort to replicate some modern cinephile movement, aping the Cahier Du Cinema crowd of the 1950’s to attack the prevailing dogma, to burst the status quo and establish a new, fresh canon of cinematic contours. Unfortunately I regard this as little more than some contrarian post-modern circle jerk, you may call me a elitist snob but P.W.S Anderson, Michael Bay and Tony Scott are not some diamonds in the rough, waiting to be properly excavated and appreciated, their works secretly harbouring a new paradigm for the 21st century…..or maybe they are? It is fun to read this sort of material, from my admittedly cursory skim reading this is perhaps a perfect synthesis of a contemporary style and movement in 2015, as frankly the breadth and quality of modern web criticism does seize upon the spectaculars, the blockbusters, the popcorn tent-poles and almost utterly eclipses the alternatives – I don’t need to point to the collapse of The Dissolve again do I? A cultural landscape that spends roughly five times the effort, advertising and ink in frantically debating casting decisions of superhero movies, of cinematic movie universe cohesion or the construction of action set-pieces than it does in appreciating the final work itself is quite vulgar, so maybe, just maybe these guys are on to something….

Finally for now a fine archival documentary on the 1960’s restructuring of Hollywood, back in those halcyon days when the likes of Lucas and Scorsese were storming the citadels gates, rather than being the elder statesman gatekeepers. Apparently this piece never aired on TV, so this is quite a rarity…..


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