After all, it's just a ride….

Klatu Barata Niktau or Ack Ack Ack?

It’s amazing to live in such times isn’t it? As a species we are able to navigate and execute twelve years missions to land a probe on a distant asteroid, to map the very contours of our most distant of planets for the first time in human civilisation (I like the suggestion of the Cthulhu region) – all we need to do now is excavate some ominous monolith on some remote spheroid and my mission will finally be complete. When I heard that NASA were going to announce a major discovery on Mars I assumed we would finally resolve that age old debate on whether Santa is real or not, but apparently it was only some spurious evidence of one of the basic building blocks of potential life beyond our humble globe’s environment and multi-millennia evolution. Stupid reality, it always lets you down;

That is of course assuming that this isn’t some spectacularly elaborate publicity stunt for Ridders The Martian which opens next week, and has been securing mostly positive notices from preview screenings. Whilst revising the above quoted classic I stumbled across this list while mooching about on Wikipedia, I’ve never heard of or seen Monster A Go-Go which sounds absolutely incredible. It’s quite amusing to see the likes of Zabriske Point and Heavens Gate on isolated in the same paddock as the likes of Plan 9 From Outer Space  and Manos, The Hands Of Fate, especially given that both were awarded new prints and limited cinema releases over the past five years. As for Mars announcement not quite the smoking gun we were hoping for, but another step further in dismantling that terra-centric opinion that we are alone in the universe, at least on a microbiological level. Anyway beware those potential bloody green-hued immigrants I say, they’re only after our precious resources, jobs and women;


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