After all, it's just a ride….

Love (2016) Trailer

One of the strange omissions from the LFF is Gasper Noé’s latest controversy baiting bludgeon, having recently caught up with one of our Melbourne correspondents whom caught the film at MiFF I can’t say I’m hugely disappointed. I’ll see it eventually, probably when it gets some blink and you’ll miss it distribution next year at the Picturehouse or Curzon, but until then here is the rather ineffectual and frankly lazy trailer;

For those wandering yes I have seen the new trailer for The Revenant and yes its probably the final remaining most anticipated film of the year, however it is now Menagerie policy to only publish one trailer per movie. Phrases such as ‘incandescently quivering’ and ‘erectile excitement’ don’t quite do my expectations justice…..


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