After all, it's just a ride….

BFI London Film Festival 2015 – Prologue

Finally the intricate schedules have been issued and analysed, ordinance and manpower assessed and instructed, so inevitably a challenging plan of attack emerges – 14 pictures and one Q&A event this year. Unfortunately a few key objectives have been lost to the melee of scheduling clashes and day job priorities – so farewell The Assassin, The Lobster and Green Room – but I have retained my core priorities and managed to identify a couple of new assets. Chief among these is Room which has recently stormed TiFF and captured the peoples choice award, and is already being whispered about as potential 2016 Oscar material. See here;

The usual disclaimer here of Oscar identified material not necessarily being the best, and that rather poor trailer has a Lifetime channel movie-of-the-week feel, but I’m willing to give it a chance. Some of this schedule will rest upon my capacity to get to the West End for 8:30am screenings, which considering I have a friend’s birthday to celebrate in the midst of battle is rather unlikely, but we’ll see how my constitution fares this year. In keeping with tradition I like to catch the opening & closing gala features so I’ll begin proceedings with Suffragette, which no doubt will be one of those fairly good historical period pieces which the UK industry loves so much, with plenty of opportunities for thespian grandstanding. So once more into the breach dear friends……


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