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BFI London Film Festival 2015 – Day Eight

LFF9A pox sir on this accursed day job, as it is causing a most unruly interference with my entreating of all things cinematical at this years London Film Festival. If it wasn’t enough that I was forced to miss Carol yesterday which incidentally has just stormed the New York Festival awards, then it will no doubt prompt a shriek of terrors that I also missed my screening of The Witch, due to matters beyond my control. I can take only a small shred of reassurance that Carol goes on general release in a month so I see it before the year is out, and I’m reasonably sure that The Witch will get some distribution given its demonic critical pedigree. Next year I vow to book the entire fortnight off come hell or high water, so none of this pesky career nonsense can continue to violate the important things in life.

I did however manage to make it to the Todd Haynes Q&A at the Southbank this evening which was some small consolation, for an overview and discussions of this career with the esteemed  festival director Claire Stewart. As we all know Safe is one of the best American films of the 1990’s so I was keen to see him talk about his career, and in a rather dry but occasionally fascinating discussion that’s what occurred. His films always revolve around identity and isolation, in both a social and occasional sexual sense, and he’s one of the great emotional cartographers of our time. He talked through the very careful colour palettes of his films and the attention that is lavished upon temperatures and their relationship to character within his visuals, as a natural heir to Fassbinder and of course Douglas Sirk whose influence is blisteringly apparent. So at least we got one more event under our belt, here’s some more glitz and ceremony if that floats your bejeweled boat;

I did want to see that but I’ve heard conflicting reports, mostly around Depp being OK – as in a slight return to form before his terrible slip into pantomime a decade or so ago – yet the surrounding film is nevertheless mediocre. Maybe one for the Blu-Ray then. So in the final stretch we have our work cut out for us as I try to make some amends,  The Lobster should finally fall prey to my claws, then there’s the small matter of Del Toro’s eagerly awaited gothic epic and the LFF’s Closing Gala program – still no rest for the wicked eh??….


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