After all, it's just a ride….

Star Wars – The Force Awakens (2015) Final Trailer

I don’t know what all the fuss is about, I managed to book tickets easily when I got home last night, although to be fair I’m not going to any of the midnight screenings (fuck that noise) but a pleasant and luxurious lunchtime session on the 17th. My North American friends advise me that the marketing blitzkrieg has begun in earnest on their side of the pond, with just about every retail environment having some sort of ‘tie-in’ exploitation opportunity, from toys to clothing, books to computing, restaurants and coffee shops, essentially every public space imaginable plastered with product. It all sounds quite wretched to be honest, and I’m sure the same will be winding its way over here fairly soon. Still, the final trailer’s very good, with just about the right balance of the necessary ingredients;

At about 1:06 into that I was essentially nine years old again, with the shivers up the spine and all those nostalgic reactions, so I guess I’m fully committed to this, right or wrong. Still no look at Mr. Skywalker esquire which seems odd, and as suspected it looks like Leia and Han will be relegated to supporting roles to let the new young whippersnappers take centre stage. It looks like the  new phase will revolve around the notion of myth and old movements falling into history as a clear call back to Episode IV, with the ‘force awakening’ in some confused youngsters of a certain family pedigree, ditching the explanation and embracing the emotion to paraphrase some of the filmmakers missions statements. Still, I wonder if J.J. ‘crimson lens flares’ Abrams can muster the talent to equal this classic scene from the Old Testament….


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