After all, it's just a ride….

Day Of The Dead……

halloweenIt’s been a while since we stitched together a list style post, but after the lack of any reviews this week I thought I’d try and craft something a little more substantial for the most macabre day of the year. Truth be told I’ve mainlining horror all week having watched Housebound, Final Girl, The Honeymoon,  Cub, the sleazy Zombi Holocaust, the aforementioned Wytchwood and the original The Town That Dreaded Sundown, in preparation for the remake which is supposed to be…OK. First of all, a nice little list to fight over as eternally as Cain smote Abel, not a bad massacre I suppose but the lack of The Mist, Pontypool, Slither, Black Swan, Oculus and Orphan is bloody murderous, not to mention Menagerie favourite Excision which no-one ever mentions. Not only that, I guess we’ll just overlook Mulholland Drive, Inland Empire and Under The Skin as overlooked as horror films full stop. Anyway this has been getting some reasonable reviews as this year’s Scream / Cabin In The Woods / Tucker & Dale Versus Evil, I must admit the trailer made me chuckle a couple of times;

A lot of modern horror is dismissed for being ‘cattle-prod’ cinema, not genuinely spooky or spine-tingling, but reliant on the whole bait and switch shock doctrine rather than building a pervasive sense of suffocating dread. There’s something in that thesis, but that doesn’t make collections like this amusing, in fact there is an entire website devoted to the art;

For my money you have to look to the small screen if you wish to dissect some of the best horror currently prowling around, which brings us to the spectacularly offensive and completely deranged American Horror Story Season 4 which has just hit Blu-Ray, with perhaps the greatest killer clown in recorded media. That’s a tall order for us that suffer from coulrophobia, but maybe this will give you an idea of just how nasty this show is – Heh, I love it;

But of course we are all about the movies so to celebrate the pagan sacrifice this year I have decided to feast upon this recent acquisition, in honour of the new TV series which has got some fantastic reviews. Apparently Raimi and the gang pretty much said to the TV executives ‘give us the money, leave us alone and we get final cut’, and they’ve knocked it out of the park with what is essentially a ten hour Evil Dead 4 – I’m so happy about this I could scream;

The boxed set is packed with commentaries which are genuinely amusing, and lots of documentaries and associated ephemera which makes this a essential acquisition. Wanna hear something really scary? Well the fact that I’m missing this is a nightmare, but Carpenter is apparently doing some live gigs to support his new album and is coming to Europe next year, thus fulfilling a Menagerie dream. In any case happy Halloween and sleep tight, and who’s that standing behind you?


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